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Bloomington Indiana is a central region of Indiana, south of Indianapolis. The famous Indianapolis Zoo is located here. Bloomington is known for its beautiful landscape, shops and restaurants. You will find that Bloomington has some landmarks, museums, galleries and other interesting landmarks. Bloomington is also known for its rich history. Below is a small history about seven interesting historical landmarks in Bloomington Indiana.

The oldest known public house in Bloomington was built in 1843. The Indian institute is one of the most important museums in Bloomington. It was founded by two American Indians, hoping to educate the former settlers about their culture. Visiting the museum is a must. The museum has an Indian village, fort and cave. Also, there is a replica of a 19th century wooden village, complete with a courthouse and fire place.

The Horseshoe bend historic district was named after the town's street which intersects the street that leads to the Old National Cemetery. Here you can find the graves of more than one hundred soldiers of the Fort William Historical Society. Bloomington's Central High School and John Hancock College are part of the history.

One of the most important landmarks in Bloomington is the Bloomington Common, an open space within the park. This area was once the main gathering place for Native Americans. Other notable landmarks include the Bloomington Dam and Fort William Historical Society. The Horseshoe bend Historic District is another historic site, which was named after the town's street that intersects the Horseshoe bend road. The museum within the district, the Bloomington Archaeological and Cultural Center, is one of the best preserved historically-significant sites in Indiana.

Bloomington's cuisine is delicious and diverse. Besides traditional German foods, you can enjoy French, Italian, Japanese and Caribbean foods. Of course, tourists won't miss the famous Hoosier chili. In addition, there are many cultural exhibits all across Bloomington. Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Art Institute of Indianapolis, Indiana State Museum, Saint Joseph Museum, Deutsch Museum and the Bloomington Historical Society.

Bloomington is truly a town that's well worth visiting. You will find a lot of history and tourist attractions that will make your trip unforgettable. In addition to all this, you can also experience the fine dining and shopping the town offers. So, come to Bloomington Indiana and discover the fun, interesting, and joyous town of this historic hub of Americana.

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Bloomington Indiana's skyline is dominated by historical landmarks. Bloomington has been home to some of America's most prominent and important figures. Two skyscrapers, the tallest of them both, stand in the city. These monuments - Bloomington Indiana State Capitol and the Indiana Historical Society - are symbols of the city's importance in American history. When you're planning a visit to Bloomington, it's a good idea to know about these landmarks and the people who have fought for their preservation.

Bloomington is a northwest-eastern Indiana city, south of Indianapolis. The historic George Peacock Park stands near the southern edge of downtown Bloomington and was home to the first United States Army post. The renovated Peacock Park includes the zoo, observation tower, and a stagecoach stop.

The University of Bloomington is one of the largest schools in the Midwest. In its history, it has grown from a tiny history college, originally designated as Indiana University, to its current status as the largest school in Indiana. Its history has also seen changes. In 184, after the Revolutionary War, soldiers stopped in Bloomington and asked for food, lodging and clothing.

One of Bloomington's landmarks is the Indiana Historical Society. It is a membership organization that helps visitors explore all of the sites of interest within Bloomington. Within its walls is an array of information about history and other subjects related to the past. Within the society's buildings, you can learn about the struggles and achievements of the early settlers, their impact on American culture and their impact on the landscape today.

Another of Bloomington's landmarks is the Bailey-Matthews House. This white house was built in 1857 and served as a depot for Army supplies during the Civil War. The house was destroyed during the bombardment of Fort McLean by the Northern Virginian troops. It was rebuilt to be the home of General John Pope, who used it as his summer home. Today it serves as the grounds for a garden called Baffinridge.

Bloomington has a lot to offer visitors interested in preserving the rich history of the town. There are many beautiful historical buildings and museums. Bloomington offers year-round recreation with numerous outdoor activities. You will find that there is so much to do that you will not have any trouble keeping up with it. As you travel through this beautiful area, you will be able to discover the charming countryside and take in the peaceful beauty that makes Bloomington such a lovely destination to call home.

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Bloomington Indiana, population 624, is located in the northeast corner of the state along the border with Iowa. Bloomington was once the industrial center of the country, but it has fallen to behind because of the growth of cities to the south. Bloomington's geographic location makes it the home of the Duval County population which is one of the most urbanized counties in all of America. Bloomington's growth spurt gave it the population it has today, but many people don't realize that Bloomington is still a great place to live. The city of Bloomington has a booming real estate market and there are plenty of local jobs available.

Bloomington, Indiana, is about a two hour drive from Chicago. Bloomington was incorporated as a city in the late nineteenth century and today, it is known for manufacturing. Some of the large corporations in the area include pharmaceutical giant Blyton Mfg. Inc., which is headquarters of Kabel Pharmaceuticals, North American Rubber Development Company (also North American Rubber) and Chemicals Corporation of America (also Candia). Bloomington has also been home to Union Chemical and Steel Company, which developed synthetic rubbers for use in the plastics industry. The population of Bloomington includes middle-aged professional families who commute to work daily in nearby Bloomington, but there are plenty of Bloomington apartments for rent for those who want to live in the city and do not have to commute.

Bloomington's population has been consistently growing since the 1950s, and its housing market has consistently been vibrant. Bloomington's tourism industry has also been growing steadily. Bloomington's population has one of the lowest numbers of uninsured people in the United States. Bloomington's excellent schools and colleges are ranked high by national and state rankings.

Bloomington's crime rate is slightly lower than the national average, but its property-crime rate is higher than the rest of the suburbs of Indiana. It has the highest number of robberies in the county. Because there are so many young people living in this area, there is a high percentage of motor vehicle theft. The population has become younger over the years, so there is a larger percentage of people with some sort of criminal background. Bloomington Indiana does have one of the best public school districts in the state.

The average age of residents is slightly over 34, and there is a high percentage of single person households. About half of Bloomington's population is over eighteen years of age. The typical family income is close to forty percent of the national average. The city of Bloomington is about a three hour drive from Indianapolis, which is about a three hour drive from Chicago.

Bloomington is about a three hour drive from the United States Federal Capitol, where most members of Congress live. Bloomington's close proximity to the Hoosier National Forest makes it an ideal location for any type of forest environment-related activities, from hiking to whitetail hunting. There are several country clubs and athletic fields in the area for residents to join. Bloomington is a great city to live in and is close enough to be close enough to visit families and friends as well as work and play.

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